Post's investment approach is focused on identifying high-quality businesses in attractive industries with lower risk characteristics relative to other issuers — attributes we believe should result in attractive long-term, risk-adjusted performance.

Investment Philosophy

Our process combines rigorous bottom-up fundamental credit research and analysis with an emphasis on downside risk mitigation. We augment our bottom-up credit research process with a top-down macro and technical overlay to enhance risk management with a goal of positioning our portfolios to achieve attractive relative and absolute performance through market and macroeconomic cycles.

Sub-investment grade corporate credit is inherently an asset class with an asymmetric return profile: when buying a bond or loan at par, an investor's best-case outcome will generally be the return of principal and coupon, and the worst-case outcome a default with limited or no recovery. Accordingly, we prioritize assessing downside risks when evaluating credit opportunities.

    Our investment philosophy is focused on the avoidance of defaults and capital impairment, which we believe should result in attractive risk-adjusted performance and lower volatility relative to market benchmarks.
    The foundation of our investment approach is based on extensive bottom-up fundamental credit research and analysis, focused not only on quantitative but also qualitative factors.
    We augment our bottom-up fundamental credit research with a top-down macro and technical overlay to assess relative and absolute value and strategically position our portfolios through macroeconomic and market cycles.
    We conduct thoughtful analysis of potential catalysts in conjunction with disciplined pricing of negative event risk and positive optionality to help evaluate relative and absolute value and manage risk.
    We proactively and opportunistically scale in and out of positions to maximize value and right-size positions based on market conditions and liquidity considerations.